DVD Photo Slideshow for MacDVD Photo Slideshow for Mac

DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac User Guide

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1. Download and Install DVD Photo Slideshow

DVD Photo Slideshow is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 EI Capitan and 10.12 Sierra.

Download DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac:

download DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac

Then you can extract the .dmg file and run the app. You can either double click the icon of DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac or drag it to the Applications folder to open it.

run DVD Photo Slideshow for MacDVD Photo Slideshow for Mac welcome

2. Add Photos and Video Clips

In the "Images" tab, you will be able to browse all the photos in your Mac. You can drag photos from iPhoto library or other folders in your Mac hard drive to the timeline.

add photos

In the "Video" tab, you will be able to add video clips to the project.

add video clips

3. Add Music

Switch to the "Music" tab, and you will be able to add music from GarageBand or iTunes library to the timeline. You can load songs from other folders in your Mac hard drive as well.

add music

4. Choose Theme

Click the "Theme" tab, and you can select a theme for your slideshow.

choose theme

You can also click the "Customize" button and select a background image for the theme.

set theme background image

5. Set DVD menu

With DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac, you can easily customize the menu for your DVD slideshow. There are 10 menu themes for you to choose from. Whether you are going to create wedding DVD slideshows, birthday DVD slideshows, or Christmas DVD slideshows, you can simply find the one you like most.

Go to the DVD Menu tab, and you can set DVD Title and Subtitle, pick a DVD menu theme, and select menu background music for your slideshow. Press the Preview button, and you can check out the real effect of the DVD menu.

If you want to create a slideshow DVD without menu, you should choose "NO MENU".

DVD slideshow with menu

6. Make Settings

Jump to the "Options" tab, and you will make some settings for your slideshow.

make settings

You will be able to:

1. Set duration from each photo and transition effect.
2. Loop the slideshow at the end or not.
3. Sync music and slideshow or not.
4. Set TV system as NTSC or PAL (for DVD burning purpose).
5. Select DVD video aspect as 16:9 or 4:3 (for DVD burning purpose).

You can also click menu DVD Photo Slideshow Professional -> Preferences... to go to the Options window. There you can also set duration for each photo and transition effect and choose whether to loop the slideshow or not. Beside, you can specify the path and video format (MP4 or MOV) for the output file there (for movie encoding purpose).

make settings for slideshow

7. Set Transition

By default, the transition effects will be applied randomly and marked as dice icons. You can click the dice icon and select the transition effect you like. You can also choose to apply the transition to all photos.

set transition

8. Set Duration

In the Options tab/window, you can set the same duration for each photo and each transition. However, if you'd like to set different durations for different photos and transitions, you can click the time mark in the timeline to adjust it.

set duration

9. Organize Slideshow

Click menu Slideshow, and you will be able to manage your slideshow project.

organize slideshow

You can add photos, apend photos to slideshow, add music, add text, insert blank image, set Pan & Zoom, adjust color, rotate photo, arrange slide order, delete photo, etc.

Add text

add text

Set Pan & Zoom

set pan & zoom

10. Arrange Photo Order

Click menu Slideshow -> Arrange Slide Order, or click the last icon in the right of the timeline, you will go to the Arrange Photo Order window. There you can adjust the order of the photos with ease.

arrange photo order

11. Edit Photo

In the Arrange Photo Order window, you can double click one of the photos to edit it. There are various editing features for your choice, like adding text, cropping, rotating, adding drawings, etc.

edit photo

12. Preview Slideshow

In the process of creating your slideshow, you can click the Play button to preview the real time effects.

13. Encode Slideshow

To encode your slideshow to video, click menu Share and choose Encode to Movie.

share slideshow

In the Share Video window, you can write title and description and set Video Size for the output video.

encode slideshow to video

14. Burn DVD

To burn your slideshow to DVD, click menu Share and choose Burn DVD or click the Burn DVD button in the preview window. You can make some burn settings In the Burn Disc window. Click the Burn button to start to burn your slideshow to DVD disc.

burn DVD
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